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Wallpapers, Images and other media

This is a page of images I have made myself or altered using others found on the web. You may use for personal use (like for wallpapers), but if you’ll use them in the web credit this blog as its source. (Click small images to enlarge)

 Patapon Collage  Gerik, Tethys, Saleh, Ewan and Marisa

Fire Emblem DS Official Art
Full Metal Alchemist wallpapers (from animepaper)

Roy Mustang

Linkin Park [Hybrid Toon Version]
Linkin Park Toon (by J. Axer)
Courtesy of J. Axer

Buttons I have made

JMan’s Button Crash City’s Button Our Affiliates


One Response to “Wallpapers, Images and other media”

  1. alexa may said

    me gustaron muchisimo los wallpapers de full metal alchemist,muchisimas gracias..saludos!

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