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►What’s in the Playlist: One Step Closer by Linkin Park

Posted by Mercenary Spark on August 2, 2008

Well, my vacation’s almost over, in a few days, I’ll have to return to school. To let you know how I feel about it, I picked one of my favorite songs for the playlist this week. One Step Closer is the second song on Linkin Park’s first album [Hybrid Theory] (back when they rocked and rapped more). It has screaming, overall heavy sound and extremely angry, powertful lyrics. The song’s meaning is self-expalanatory, the guy’s angry at someone because (s)he keeps on talking, which brings him ‘one step closer to the edge’. He tried to ignore him/her but finally breaks and yells the person to shut up. The video shows a guy and a girl following a hooded, masked man towards an underground tunnel where the band is playing and other masked men are doing a sort of rite (or just dancing).

Rating: 9/10 – One of my favorite Linkin Park songs, always there on my mp3 player. Also the song is followed up by With You, another hard rocking song. You have to love the Shut Up part (so many people you would want to yell that to). 💡 The song is available In the Corner.

Lyrics and Video: [Warning: If it’s late in the evening, you don’t want to disturb someone else and/or you don’t like screaming, turn your computer’s volume down before listening to the song.] Read the rest of this entry »


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Video of the Month: Frgt10 by Linkin Park

Posted by Mercenary Spark on June 25, 2008

This month’s video of the month is one of LP’s video masterpieces and one of their best remixes. Frgt10 is the [Reanimation] remix of Forgotten (from [Hybrid Theory]).

Lyrics to the song: Read the rest of this entry »

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Video of the Month: Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park

Posted by Mercenary Spark on March 22, 2008

Breaking The Habit Video
One of the best Linkin Park videos, since it has an anime-style that goes great with the lyrics.

Lyrics to the song: Read the rest of this entry »

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