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2,000 Hits!

Posted by Mercenary Spark on May 4, 2008

About half an hour ago, Mercenarylight’s Blog passed the 2,000 hit mark, 106 days after the blog’s creation. In almost exactly 15 weeks, this blog has achieved something I hope it can keep pulling off. I know it may look like I’ve been lazy for not writing a game review in 3 months and a music review in 1, but I’ve been busy working on the forum and my homework. I promise all of you, my recurring and unique visitors, that I’ll make a review as soon as my free time permits. I’ve recently added a shoutbox to the Hybrid Mix forum and I’m working on some of the new features, including an online game section. To take advantage of all of Hybrid Mix’s features, have fun, and talk about games, music and other things you like, visit the forums and register there.

 Rock On!
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Music/Games Hybrid Mix

Posted by Mercenary Spark on March 25, 2008

Today, March 25, this blog’s forum Music/Games Hybrid Mix is now open for anyone who wishes to register. Although it is based on music and games, you may write about almost anything in it’s over 40 subforums(as long as you follow the rules). The link is in the affiliates. So register now and start posting.

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