Mercenarylight’s Blog

A hybrid mix between music, portable gaming and blogging

Rules for this Blog

Rules for writing for and commenting on this Blog:

1) No swearing or hinting words that others may find indecent.

2) You may double post only when necessary, but avoid it as much as you can.

3) Respect this blog’s writers and visitors. This means no flaming, cyber-bullying or criticizing the opinion of others. If you treat us with respect, we’ll treat you the same way. If you have written an article/post with swearing, I might and probably will eliminate the post.

4) No spamming. I will provide links to other sites when necessary. If someone requires or asks for the link, they must first obtain my permission before writing it. If you are writing for this blog, you may cite another site for further reference when necessary, but I have the right to eliminate such link if I find it indecent or unnecessary.

5) Never write or upload any content that is illegal or that some people may find discriminating, unethical or indecent in this blog. This also goes for linking to sites that have such content.

6) Have fun. Enjoy your visit and check out the cool features I’ll be adding as this blog grows.


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