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Join the Lightning Mercenary Guild!

Lightning Mercenary Guild

To join the Lightning Mercenary Guild, all you have to do is enjoy playing the Fire Emblem games or just like some of the characters. Post below to join. By joining you’ll recieve: a custom-made icon and the signature (below) with your name and icon. You will be added to the list of our honorary members, and if you want, I might also add your site to my affiliates by leaving your website/blog name below (I must approve your site first).  You can also use one of the buttons below to put up in your site. If you want to see similar sprites and icons look at the ones on

Buttons available:
[Hybrid Mix] Cool Blue Red and Blue Classic Color Zelda Valley Green Legendary Green/Blue Mercenary Blue Light

Use this code (without the <code> tags and changing the “” to wp “) to add it to a text widget in your sidebar (Change the button number to the one you want)

<code> <a href=””><img src=”” alt=”I am a member of the Lightning Mercenary Guild” style=”border:0;” /></a> </code>

Lightning Mercenary Guild Userbar

Lightning Mercenary Guild Signature

Honorary Members:

Raptor’s Signature

Super Luigi
Blog: Pokémon Gamers Blog
Super Luigi’s Signature

Shinigami Ninja
Shinigami Ninja’s Signature

Sage Master
Sage Master’s Signature

Dark Druid Nergal
Dark Druid Nergal’s Signature

Volthe’s Signature

Dragoon14’s Signature

Blogs: Jman’s World
Triforce624’s Signature

Bromf’s Signature

Blog: Super Mario Blog
Mario64mario’s Signature


Blog: Zelda Valley



63 Responses to “Join the Lightning Mercenary Guild!”

  1. raptorxd said

    Hey, Raptor from TBE here. I’d like to join. I’ll join as either an Assassin or a Halberdier. Which ever you need more. You can even use the sprite from TBE’s Blog if you want. MT put it there. Preferrably the second one, which still has Geoffrey’s hair, but the recolored armor, and shirt.

    -Raptor, out.

  2. What a cool blog! hello Merc Light. its Shadow Luigi. 🙂 so if i may join your group then.. i’ll be a… hmmm.. Swordmaster. with black clothes, green hair, and… i think thats about it. or do you make Avatars? 😕 i just posted once cut me some slack. 😆

  3. Raptorxd, which sprite do you mean by second one. I’ll make an Assassin with blue hair and green suit, unless you want something different. It will be hard for me to make a sprite that wasn’t for FE1-8, but if I have a lot of time this weekend I’ll make it.

    And Shadow Luigi, do I make a Luigi-like avatar or something, or would you like an icon and signature only.

  4. raptorxd said

    I sent you the sprite in a e-mail. It should be there shortly.

    I’d imagine it would be. I didn’t think about that. Heh. Sorry!

    -Raptor, out.

  5. @ mercenarylight

    Hm… you could make a luigi type sprite? Wow. Hmm.. the only thing i would want is to join your guild. so i’ll just describe my sprite ok? next post i will tell you all about it. 🙂

  6. I’ll try to combine Luigi’s face with a Swordmasters outfit and make it with Luigi’s colors (you wanted them inverted, but I think green clothes would fit Luigi better). Since you change your name constantly I’ll use your TBE forum name Super Luigi. It will take some time, but I guess you culd wait a week or two.

  7. Yeah,, a Sword master with (if you can find a sprite of a Green hat) and blue clothes yeah you pretty much got it right. 😛

  8. Shinigami Ninja said

    Well, since I’ve already teamed up with you on TBE I’ll join in here too.

  9. SN, what icon do you want for your signature. I would try to make a ninja with a headband (can’t forget it), but maybe you want something else.

  10. This is none of my concerns but… ML, You do not need to make me a great big sprite.. how about just a Sword Master with black clothes and green hair. theres no need to go searching.

  11. Shinigami Ninja said

    A Sword Master with Black clothes and short, spiky, blood-crimson hair. And if there’s any way this is possible, (don’t work too hard on it) could you flare his pants out a little?

  12. I’ll try that (but since it will be an icon, it won’t look as good as you’d expect). I find it hard to do spiky hair.

  13. Thanks for the SIG MercenaryLight! 😀

  14. You are welcome. Now, if I could only make spiky hair. I’ll just have to give SN what I made until now.

  15. Shinigami Ninja said

    Spiky hair isn’t that hard. they did it with Lloyd. i think it was Lloyd. Or was in Linus? The Swordmaster one. He had spiky hair. just take his and make it red with pasty-white skin.

  16. I didn’t mean for the avatar, I meant the icon. You mentioned Lloyd and believe it or not, I did try his hair for you.

  17. raptorxd said

    Merc, I must say…

    I make a darn good looking Assassin. Thanks again.

    -Raptor, out.

  18. Shinigami Ninja said

    By Icon you mean the banner with the guild memebers right? That’s what I was talking about.

  19. So you want me to use the icon and avatar with Lloyd’s face (crimsom hair and whiter skin). I already made the flaming pants on Saturday, they are noticed more by using Lloyd’s icon (when you size up(I forgot the right word) the icon, you realize it looks cool). I’ll send it through email today(or tomorrow), look for it in the trash or spam bin.

  20. darkdruidnergal said

    i’ll join as either a general or a warrior whichever you need most, the general in dark blue, the warrior in dark green.

  21. SageMaster said

    Hey, SageMaster here

    I want to join, but I had already made a sprite from before so you can use this one if you want, or if you can’t use it for some reason try to make it look like this


    [Edit: Welcome aboard! I’m making your sig at the moment with your icon. I eliminated the image link, because it won’t appear in the comments for some reason]

  22. SageMaster said

    sorry that didn’t work try this

    [Edit: This worked but it was marked as spam and blocked by Akismet, so I removed the url to de-spam it. Try not to double and triple post (only when necessary). Your sig is ready]

  23. SageMaster said

    sorry, iy’s me again. I don’t Know why thats not working. you can use the url to get to the image though


  24. I already used the url. The sig will be ready in a few minutes. Meanwhile have a look around. Also, are you a member of TBE? It’s a really cool forum on FE and other games.

    Dark Druid Nergal, I think we could use a general, we need some good spear users to defend those hurt in battle. I’ll get your icon up as soon as possible (about 4 days).

  25. darkdruidnergal said

    ok thanks

  26. Shinigami Ninja said

    Do you even have my email adress?

  27. Yes, but it seems I had a misspelling error or my email is in the spam bin (if it hasn’t already been deleted). Is the icon ok, or do you want something else. I made (I mean changed the color of) your avatar but I don’t think it looks so good.

  28. Shinigami Ninja said

    The Icon is okay, I heven’t seen the Avatar yet. I haven’t gotten any email from you at all.

  29. volthe said

    Hi there people, the most hated guy is in here too!

  30. Welcome, Volthe. would you like a sig for TBE.

  31. volthe said

    Sorry about the double post after my first post, but I would like a sprite with red hair and an assassin if it’s possible(yeah, I know it’s Jaffar sprite). If you only want to do it of course.

  32. volthe said

    Now it’s my double post, I want a sig please.

  33. I’ll make your sig after a few days (when I hope all my homework diminishes to 4 or less), even if it sounds simple. And what color for your clothes. I also have to make darkdruidnergal’s general first.

  34. dragoon14 said

    Hey Im Dragoon14 and I was hoping i could be a manakete with red wings and dark clothes. Oh and hello everybody from TBE! 🙂

  35. Ok, I’ll make you like the male manaketes from FE6. And welcome to my blog. SL and mario are authors too.

  36. triforce624 said

    i think i might have seen fire emblem befor. can i join? me triforce 624.

  37. Of course you can and welcome! But what class would you like to be? Here’s a chart of the classes, select one and tell me the colors you would like. I bet you would like to be JMan, or would you want Triforce624.

  38. triforce624 said

    i want to be triforce624. make me just the way he is. oh, and, wanna be affiliates? let’s get one thing straight, I DO NOT USE BUTTONS.

  39. triforce624 said

    i wanna be a necromancer, sorry. make him jst the way he looks on the chart.

  40. It’s ok, you don’t need one. I’ll affiliate with you in a moment. I’ll make you a necromancer, but change some small detail so he doesn’t look like an enemy.

  41. Volthe said

    Ok, I can wait, and I would like black clothes.

  42. triforce624 said

    i dont know, just lift some enemy-esque stuff off of him.

  43. Lyn_of_Light said

    [Edit: Did you try to place a picture here, because it didn’t work and you were placed as spam. Try to give me a hyperlink next time. Oh, and welcome to the blog. If you’d like a sig, please reply below]

  44. darkdruidnergal said

    i look good as a general

  45. Volthe said

    My sig is finally available for me due to some horrible net problems!!!

  46. Whoa i didn’t know so many people joined.

  47. I’ll join the Guild!! =D

  48. How will you like your sprite to look?

  49. Holt said

    Zomg i wanna join too ^^


  50. Welcome to MercLight’s Blog, Holt(or Shadow Angel). How would you like your sprite to look?

  51. Holt said

    !! My Eats all of yours XD

  52. Yo, I know this is kind of late, but I’ll definitely join, even though I only played and beat the first GBA game (Go ahead, challenge my maxed out Hector, I dare you).

    I like the Guy sprite, because I have long dark hair. Make him with green clothes instead of blue, if possible.


  53. Ok, I’ll do it as soon as I can with the works I have. Another member asked for one first, so you’ll have to wait some time (maybe a weekend).

  54. Valter Demon Assassin said

    Hey Merc Light… whats up? I want to join as an assassin. I want to have black hair and be mostly black but add in a nice red trim or two… Do you do custom face portraits of characters like your Gerik one? If you do, may I PLEASE have Karel from Fire Emlblem GBA with black hair, black clothes, and the gold stripe red instead??

    I would greatly appreciate it.. thanks

  55. Valter Demon Assassin said

    Oh and can the assassin sprite have longer hair? Like Legault’s or a swordmaster’s? I would appreciate that much… it would also match the Karel if you decide to do it…

  56. Yeah, of course. I’ll try my best and I’ll pm you on the forum when bth the sprite and sig are finished.

  57. Valter Demon Assassin said

    Hey Merc light…. you outdone yourself again…! YOU RULE!

  58. Necroamncer said

    i wanna join to… i luv fire emblem and i hope this comes through (i googled this sight)this is all so awesome!!! i especially like holts and raptors.anyway i dont want to sound to picky but, if u can, could u maybe make me a mostly black and blue trimmed falconnight?if its not to much trouble or i u cant make a falcon knight, make a journeyman, same colors please!!!thanks, i hope its not to much troble!!!

  59. I want to join i want my char icon to be the druid on the banner and i want to advertise this website on mine as free affiliate if thats alright with u.

  60. I would like to join, i think i’d be a black genral with a lance… Pure black in the look of it and like have the helm a lighter shade of black? I have played alot of FE games and i luv SHadow Dragon i’m on the last lv.

  61. TSF_rox said

    I want to join under the name of Scott. My custom battler can be found at, and my site to affiliate with yours is Please email me when my sig’s done. Thanks.

  62. l33tn3ss said

    Hey, I want to join. I’ll email you my sprite later.

  63. John Wolf X77 said

    How bout I join if anyone looks at this anymore just hope I can join.

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