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How to write or contribute for this blog

I’m looking for gamers and music lovers who have experience in writing and/or managing blogs or sites to be co-authors of this blog.  I need help managing and keeping this blog updated so all our readers could enjoy. If you are not so good at uploading or publishing things in blogs or have bad grammar, you may join as well, but your articles must be emailed to me so I could then correct and publish them. To become a co-author of this blog, leave your name (and site if any) below and in what section would you like to write about. Then read the rules of this blog, and after I send you an email to approve your request, you may start posting. Remember that the content you write must be original and not copied from someone else (unless you have something similar in your blog).


6 Responses to “How to write or contribute for this blog”

  1. I’m already one and i’ll help anyway i can.

  2. Even though I have 2 new co-authors I’m still looking for more help.

  3. I’ll be a Author again. I’m not entirely sure what I should write about though—or the fact when I should write an article.

  4. Ok, you’re an author again. You could write about anything, maybe Golden Sun or the Pokémon Emerald music on your box.

  5. ! Good idea. I already wrote one. Next time though.

  6. magazine166 said

    I’ll be

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