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FE Sprites

Here I’ll upload some sprites of Fire Emblem and other strategy RPGs that I’m using for the Army of Light RPG. The RPG forum (the one in the link) is not ready yet (you’ll have to wait one week before I finish it), but if you’re interested in it, post below or pm me (in a forum) and I’ll email/pm you when you can join.

These are some overworld map sprites from the Fire Emblem GBA games I’m using for the Army of Light RPG.

Blue (Ally) Map Sprites

Green (NPC) Sprites

Red (Enemy) Sprites

Fire Emblem Map Tiles

For other sprites, visit Serenes Forest and FE Planet.

I did not rip the sprites and tiles, I just organized the map sprites and provide them to the visitors of this blog. All sprites and tiles present here except those I or other members of the RPG made are copyrighted material of Nintendo of America and Intelligent Systems and can not be used for commercial uses without the permission from these companies. ©2003-2005 Nintendo/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS.


12 Responses to “FE Sprites”

  1. triforce624 said

    fe’s getting old. im getting tired of it.

  2. You’re tired of Fire Emblem? I thought you’ve never played it (or never liked it). The GBA FE’s are old, but Nintendo’s releasing an FE game almost every year.

  3. triforce624 said

    i played it a couple times on an emulator. didnt particularly like the ‘dundundundundundun’ sound of the text typing. that can do a number on your nerves. plus once u played one u play dem all.

  4. All FEs have almost the same gameplay (the 3 GBA ones specially), but people play games like Chess and Checkers and that’s the same thing over and over again (at least FE has changes within each game). You like what you like and nobody can force you to like something else.

    And I usually turn off the sound when they’re talking or I don’t want to disturb others.

  5. I like Fire Emblem games. Preferably Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword and Path of Radiance. I like Sacred Stones too.

  6. Valter Demon Assassin said

    my favorite is still the first gba 1 in U.S.

    Best characters…

  7. anish33 said

    great sprites and songs man cool

  8. Thanks, which sprites do you need besides the ones here.

    Also, don’t post your email, I already know it.

  9. Shining Angel said

    Hey there Merc 🙂

    Just wondering of theres a specific way to use the tiles on the map pic or if I ust have to cut and paste.


  10. You just copy and paste each next to another.

  11. Where these form normal or sacred stones because i beat both games

  12. zulk said

    woooaaa…interesting.Army of Light RPG

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