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Artist and Song of the Week

This is where brief information on the Artist and Song of this Week will be presented. You could choose which will be next week’s Artist and Song of the Week by posting your choice, which I’ll review soon after.

Artist of the Week: Kutless
Song of the Week: Hearts of the Innocent
Genre: Christian Rock/Hard Rock/Alternative Rock
Album: Hearts of the Innocent
Year: 2006

Click here to enter the band’s official page. The song is in the In the Corner box on the sidebar if you’d like to listen to it.


4 Responses to “Artist and Song of the Week”

  1. Hey Merc Light! what happened to my button?

  2. Sorry for that SL, it seems the links got eliminated with all the theme changes I made. I placed it back up. And will you vote for next week’s artist/song.

  3. Great article.. I really wish i wouldn’t have missed this.

  4. You haven’t missed anything, and I added the 2 songs you wanted.

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