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About me

My nickname’s Mercenary of Light.  I am a 16 years old aspiring writer and student from Puerto Rico.  Despite being from a small Spanish-speaking island in the Caribbean, I prefer talking/writing in English and feel more North American (regarding the things I like) than my friends.   I like drawing, reading, playing card and video games, watching T.V.,  writing (I have to overcome my lazyness), fencing (would love to practice if there were a good fencing instructor nearby) and listening to music (mostly rock, but just about anything except oldies, Black Metal and racist songs).


4 Responses to “About me”

  1. Nick said


    My name is Nick and run a website called Xtra Gamer

    On the site I review games for the wii, ps2 etc . Essentially, what I do
    is intensively test each game out and then publish the reviews up on the
    site. I give each game a unique rating out of 10 depending on how good I
    think it is.

    I was wondering whether you could link to me from your site or if you
    could put my website link on your blog roll?

    Thanks in advance,

    Nick Maunders
    Xtra Gamer

  2. Under normal circumstances, I would consider this as spam, but I can affiliate with you if you put my link somewhere on your blog.

  3. Nick said

    Ok, I have done that so if you could do the same.

    Kind Regards

    Nick Maunders
    Xtra Gamer

  4. Ok, you’re now one of our affiliates. Maybe you’d want to check out the Hybrid Mix forum, where we talk about games and music.

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