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Pixel Kingdom

Posted by triforce624 on August 9, 2008

I have taken up gamemaking with GameMaker 7.0. I have uploaded all the games I have made so far, Pixel Kingdom 1 & 2.

The first Pixel Kingdom focuses around the most agile person in the kingdom, Pixl, rescuing two princesses who have been trapped in Ahganim’s labyrinth. Unfortunately for them, Ahganim has died and forgotten to give them back to the kingdom.

In PK2:Battle of the Sons, 6 years have passed and Pixl has died, leaving his just as agile son, Cixl, to kill Ahganim’s son Vayer. Vayer has also captured a princess.

PK3 is currently being worked on as you read this, when it is published, I’ll let you know 😛

To see PK1, go here
To see PK2, go here

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10 Responses to “Pixel Kingdom”

  1. I thought of Gamemaker as a good alternative for making the RPG, but it doesn’t have good support for strategy games. But I’ll try your game in a few days (after I download the plugin), it looks good. 😎

  2. PK3 has been basically cancelled due to a MASSIVE amount of glitches but the project may return.

  3. What browser do you use, ML?

  4. I have Internet Explorer 7.

  5. You should try Firefox. That’s what I use. But these are the browsers NEVER to use: Opera, AOL, and SeaMonkey. Haven’t tried NetScape.

  6. I was going to try out Firefox. They say it’s faster and works better. But I’m happy with IE7, it does everything I want it to do and fast. Does Firefox take up more space than IE?

  7. I’m not sure. But all I know is Firefox3 is very fast.

  8. I’ll try it out soon (I was going to download it on the Download Day, but I lost track of the date).

  9. Download day?

  10. Download Day was June 17, the day Firefox 3.0 was released (and broke a Guinness world record for downloads).

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