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Twin music post: Metal Slug X Final Mission(?)

Posted by triforce624 on July 31, 2008

Sorry guys, about the unusual amount of post from me. After this post, I’m taking a break to finish off a video I’ve been working on. You’ve probably noticed that the title of this post doesn’t begin with Featured Video Game Music. Well, that’s because from now on every other post I make will be Twin Music Post. That’s right. A TMP post is two featured musics from a certain franchise. Today, I bring you two musics from the game, Metal Slug X Final Mission (or is is just MGX?)
First we have the assault theme. Video:

This theme reminds me very much of both the Metal Gear Solid theme and the Metroid Ridley Theme. My review? 7/10.

Next is Back to China. Video:

Definitely china. Sounds just like a chinese dance. My review? 8/10


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