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Featured video game music: Nancy drew theme

Posted by triforce624 on July 30, 2008

Nobody was posting in the last two days, so I figured I wouldn’t kick anyone off the top and get this one over with.

My mom and I play these games a lot. They’re the PC Nancy Drew games. I’m currently playing the second one for the DS, Mystery of the Clue Bender Society and have finished the other one. These games are fun, but their theme is awesome (but not better than the DS ND theme song! i couldn’t find that one on youtube.) Here it is:

I think the DS theme conveys the idea of Nancy Drew a little more with its James Bond feel, whereas this one is more mid 18th century classical symphony.

My rating? 7/10 just because its not the DS theme 😛


2 Responses to “Featured video game music: Nancy drew theme”

  1. Never played a Nancy Drew game or read a book of the series (the series isn’t very famous on the island, I didn’t know about it until the movie came out). It’s a good theme song for the mystery series.

  2. They’re awesome.

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