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Army of Light RPG Forum and 8000 Hits

Posted by Mercenary Spark on July 19, 2008

We just surpassed 8000 hits earlier this afternoon. And that’s not all, because today the Army of Light RPG forum is finally open for registration. For those of you asking yourselves what is it, here’s a summary:

“The Army of Light RPG is a series of tactical role playing games developed to play on the computer by Mercenary of Light with the help of his friends and other forum members. The gameplay is based on strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, but with new characters and an original story that members of the forum create, develop and will later experience.”

The forum is basically a role-playing forum where some role-playings (Army of Light Campaign) follow the main story where I set the background, and others follow and role-play along. There members develop the backstory and personality of the main character they created and his/her assistant (on Elite Forces campaign), so that he/she/they could be included as playable character(s) in the RPG series I’m curently developing. The RPGs are a series of games I’m making from scratch on a legal free-distribution software (I’ll post the link when I finish a test version and you will be able to play the series on your computer).

Members also get to suggest ideas or submit classes, sprites and other things for the RPGs and site. The site also has other role-playing forums, sections and features. All members can also make guilds or clubs and create/keep a blog (at the moment, no widgets on the sidebar). Even if you have never played a strategy RPG, you should try it out. Check it out by clicking on the picture in the sidebar.

Any doubts or comments, reply below.


10 Responses to “Army of Light RPG Forum and 8000 Hits”

  1. triforce624 said

    you should make one with rpg maker xp available for download instead of a forum thread

  2. Actually Triforce, I am making a real role-playing game (guess the post wasn’t clear enough) with legal free-distribution software (RPG maker isn’t free, or is it?) based on the role-playing forum threads. The forum is to develop the characters before the games are finished. I will release a test after I finish the coding for the game.

  3. triforce624 said

    flash? cuz thats really cool. but do you have to download it? ps: rpgxp has a 30 day free trial, then its 60 bucks.

  4. It’s not flash, but I’m not sure what it is exactly. You have to join the software’s site (and maybe upload the software, but I think non-developers don’t have to upload anything). It’s free, only membership costs (but that’s only for extra features).

  5. triforce624 said

    how much

  6. Membership is $18 a year but that’s only so you can have a blog there, have an avatar on forums and get extra features on games. It’s not really worth it. You can develop games for free without it.

  7. triforce624 said


  8. HSCharles said

    I have a flash website
    i’m looking for the script who makes google ads with flash.
    where can i get it?

  9. My game’s not on flash, but I think this link will help (it ha a code for flash ads).

  10. AropleCoewoge said

    This looks cool so far, what’s up people?
    If it’s not just all bots here, let me know. I’m looking to network
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


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