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►What’s in the Playlist: Pain by Jimmy Eat World

Posted by Mercenary Spark on July 26, 2008

This week’s featured song is Pain by Jimmy Eat World from their album Futures. The song’s about a guy in love with someone, but that someone doesn’t love him back and he has to let her go so she doesn’t bother him anymore. The video shows again inflicting pain upon himself (letting twins hit him with bats, covering himself with meat so a dog attacks him, throwing himself on the stairs, hitting his head on the wall) for no apparent reason until a girl comes by and “takes his pain away” (he gets a crush on her), and they go and take a walk. This song is what many might call emo for the theme. It has a guitar solo before the last chorus. The sound is the reason why I have it in my playlist and listen to it often.

Rating: 7/10 – A good Jimmy Eat World song. The music is good, the lyrics not that good. The song is available In the Corner. The Middle, their most succesful single, is also available there. I’ll probably review some of their better songs another day (like Sweetness, 23, Futures or A Praise Chorus).

Lyrics and Video: [Warning: Do not attempt the things the guy on the video does or you’ll feel more pain than the stuntman.] Read the rest of this entry »


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Army of Light RPG Forum and 8000 Hits

Posted by Mercenary Spark on July 19, 2008

We just surpassed 8000 hits earlier this afternoon. And that’s not all, because today the Army of Light RPG forum is finally open for registration. For those of you asking yourselves what is it, here’s a summary:

“The Army of Light RPG is a series of tactical role playing games developed to play on the computer by Mercenary of Light with the help of his friends and other forum members. The gameplay is based on strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, but with new characters and an original story that members of the forum create, develop and will later experience.”

The forum is basically a role-playing forum where some role-playings (Army of Light Campaign) follow the main story where I set the background, and others follow and role-play along. There members develop the backstory and personality of the main character they created and his/her assistant (on Elite Forces campaign), so that he/she/they could be included as playable character(s) in the RPG series I’m curently developing. The RPGs are a series of games I’m making from scratch on a legal free-distribution software (I’ll post the link when I finish a test version and you will be able to play the series on your computer).

Members also get to suggest ideas or submit classes, sprites and other things for the RPGs and site. The site also has other role-playing forums, sections and features. All members can also make guilds or clubs and create/keep a blog (at the moment, no widgets on the sidebar). Even if you have never played a strategy RPG, you should try it out. Check it out by clicking on the picture in the sidebar.

Any doubts or comments, reply below.

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►What’s in the Playlist: So Cold by Breaking Benjamin

Posted by Mercenary Spark on July 12, 2008

To end Breaking Benjamin week, I’m adding So Cold, one of the band’s best singles, to the playlist. The sound is good. The meaning of the lyrics is about a catastrophe occuring and 2 lovers spending their last minutes together. Ben Burley (the band’s singer) stated that they were inspired by the movie 28 Days Later (about a rage virus that causes an outbreak in England). The video instead shows a man carrying a big, heavy stone (chained to his hands) in a forest, while a group of people (wearing 19th century clothing) follow. They end up in a swamp with a preacher where the man falls one last time (from the weight) and drowns.

Rating: 8/10 – A good alternative rock song. The song is available In the Corner.

Lyrics and Video: Read the rest of this entry »

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►What’s in the Playlist: The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin

Posted by Mercenary Spark on July 7, 2008

Sorry for not making a playlist article last week, but I’m lazy and procrastinated. I should have done it before the weekend, but I didn’t so I’ll publish it today. The RPG is still in process, but the forum will be open soon for character development. If anyone wishes to participate or submit ideas, post in the correct topic on the Hybrid Mix Forum or contact me. Now on the week’s song, The Diary of Jane, one of Breaking Benjamin’s best songs, and their second best-selling single (Their best-selling (or another great) single will be added later this week, making this BB week*). The song has some heavy drums, guitar riffs and screaming vocals. The lyrics are good but suggestive, they go well with the rhythm. My interpretation of their meaning is the guy likes a depressesd girl (Jane) who won’t tell him what she feels about him. It is then suggested (in the video at least) that she dies by drowning in the bathtub (note she can’t see her reflection on the mirrors). The guy then finds her diary and continues looking for the answer to what Jane felt for him (while contemplating her grave, in the video). I also think the Diary of Jane could be symbolic, representing her heart (feelings).

Rating: 8/10 – A great Breaking Benjamin song. You hear it and you know why it’s a hit. The song is available In the Corner.

Lyrics and Video[Warning: The song contains lyrics referring to death that might be interpreted as suicide by some.]: Read the rest of this entry »

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Mario’s Mix Volume 1

Posted by mario64mario on July 3, 2008

That’s right people, it’s finally time!!! =D

Read the rest of this entry »

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Song Review: Spit Me Out by Collective Soul

Posted by Elven Warrior on July 2, 2008

Hello. This is my first song review. I got this one before Mercenary of Light. 😉 This song is a pretty good song. It is about a certain relationship between a woman he likes. But she rejects him in all the way’s possible. But the song has a rather, joyous cheer to it. He always finds out a way to kick things up a notch. Plus towards the ending to the song all the lyrics of together with 2 voices (as allot of other songs do).

He has allot of similar songs but never quite like this. His songs are best if your in a sad, depressed, or plain bored mood. So I suggest you listen to this song some time. The lyrics to this song are Read the rest of this entry »

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