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Archive for June, 2008

Featured video game music: Metal Gear Solid theme

Posted by triforce624 on June 30, 2008

The Metal Gear Solid theme song is known as one of the best theme songs in video game history. Why? Because it’s totally awesome!

Metal Gear Solid is a game published by Konami and produced by Hideo Kojima. Since the MGS1 and MGS2 theme songs are pretty much the same, it doesn’t matter which one you listen to. Only MGS2 has a bit of a longer intro.

So what would I rate this MGS1 theme? 9 1/2 out of 10.
Video with the song: Read the rest of this entry »


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►What’s in the Playlist: Pages by 3 Doors Down

Posted by Mercenary Spark on June 25, 2008

I’m sorry to my visitors for not making last week’s What’s in the Playlist article, but some circumstances postponed it (those included college entrance tests).  For that, this week I’ll make the Video of the Month article and the game review (this one might be published for next week). After considering another song for this week (a sadder sad one),  I chose this one instead because it’s a really great song by 3 Doors Down’s self-titled album released last month. Less rocking in sound than When I’m Gone, but still rockin’ in its own way. The song is about a man who expresses his emotional pain through writings about his life, which someone (you) going through a similar situation then reads and might use to avoid the same fate as the man. That’s my interpretation of the message and I think that makes this one of their best songs.

Rating: 9/10 – Yeah, it’s really a great song. 3DD’s self-titled album might have good singles (It’s Not My Time and Train), great rock songs like Give It To Me, and other good b-sides (like all of their albums), but this song stands out, maybe because of the impact of the lyrics and the music. You should all consider buying this album if you like 3 Doors Down’s music, post-grunge or some of the songs on the album like this one.  Pages is available In the Corner.

Lyrics to the Song: Read the rest of this entry »

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Video of the Month: Frgt10 by Linkin Park

Posted by Mercenary Spark on June 25, 2008

This month’s video of the month is one of LP’s video masterpieces and one of their best remixes. Frgt10 is the [Reanimation] remix of Forgotten (from [Hybrid Theory]).

Lyrics to the song: Read the rest of this entry »

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►What’s in the Playlist: Heart Like A Lion by Rebelution

Posted by Mercenary Spark on June 11, 2008

The cool thing about music services with stations based on similar artists, is that there’s always a great song or artist you’ve never heard of that comes up, and sometimes surprises you because it’s from a genre you thought you never liked. I discovered Rebelution’s music last week after playing a Flobots Similar Artists Station. Reggae was always a genre I ignored, mostly because of the movements it was involved to. Although the band’s songs changed my opinion on reggae, it’s still not a genre I’ll listen to often. Rebelution fuses reggae with some hip-hop, rock and alternative music in what they call California Reggae. The rhythm and sound of most of their songs might make you another fan of California Reggae. The song I got for this week’s article is called Heart Like A Lion from their album Courage to Grow. The lyrics are good, the rhythm is better and no pop sound included.

Rating: 7/10 – Good song, even if it’s not my musical taste. The song is available In the Corner.

Lyrics to the Song: Read the rest of this entry »

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►What’s in the Playlist: Handlebars by Flobots

Posted by Mercenary Spark on June 6, 2008

I found this week’s featured song while surfing the web earlier this week. At first I thought the song was a childish song, because of how the animated video started, with two guys riding their bikes without holding on to the handlebars, giving them a sense of accomplishment. The song continues with mentions of other accomplishments by the singer. He also mentions how with the new technological accomplishes of mankind, it is easier to do anything and take control of even the lives of others. It’s in this part of the song, that the video depicts the rebellion formed by the citzens against the tyrant in command. One of the good things of the group is their creativity, not just the way they tell the messages, but the rhythm and sound of their songs. They combine rock with rap, and use violins and trumpets in most songs. The group consists of rappers Jonny 5 (Jamie Laurie) and Brer Rabbit, bassist Jesse Walker, guitarist Andy Rok (Andy Guerrero), violist Mackenzie Roberts, trumpet player Joe Ferrone and drummer Kenny Ortiz. When asked about the meaning of the song, the lead singer of Flobots, emcee “Jonny 5” said: “The song is about the idea that we have so much incredible potential as human beings to be destructive or to be creative. And it’s tragic to me that the appetite for military innovation is endless, but when it comes to taking on a project like ending world hunger, it’s seen as outlandish. It’s not treated with the same seriousness.”

Rating: 9/10 – It’s one of the best rap rock songs I have heard. The lyrics that start out with innocence turn into a song with a strong political and social message. The song is available In the Corner.

(Warning: The song contains political themes and mentions two crimes and a historical event. The video contains some gore (white paint). Lyrics to the song and video: Read the rest of this entry »

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