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3,000 Hits and New Features

Posted by Mercenary Spark on May 28, 2008

A few hours ago, Mercenarylight’s Blog passed 3,000 hits. After a rough start and 130 days, we achieved something I thought wasn’t possible for me. I found out in the last few weeks that what makes a blog triumph is what makes it stand out from the billions of other sites out there in the web and what it offers to its visitors. But hits aren’t everything (if I satisfy myself with just that I should not call myself a true blogger), and for that reason is why I try to give my visitors anything they want that I can afford to give. Many visitors don’t understand the focus of this site, probably because it’s a music and portable gaming weblog (something hard to come by in the blogosphere, maybe even unique). Most of the blog’s recurring visitors and affiliates have blogs specific on one or two things (usually 1 or 2 specific games and/or personal blogging), while mine is about music and portable gaming in general. For that reason, I now give my visitors the opportunity to decide the future of this blog, by letting them post what the new focus of the blog will be. It won’t be a poll (I want to avoid polls until I’ve passed 100 post mark at least), since polls have a limited number of answers. You get to decide right here, right now, in that Leave a Reply box below this article what you want to see in this blog and what would you like it to focus on. I don’t (and will never) have an infinite knowledge of many topics, nor do I have enough resources to know about any thing you mention. But I’m willing to learn and teach what I know. I hope every visitor of this blog posts their ideas and reccomendations, because all of them are as important to this blog, as the people who made it possible.

I’m sorry to have made you go through that long post to get to this, but I wanted to get that out of the draft pile. Now for the new features of this blog. If you haven’t come here in the last few days, you’d have found that there are some new widgets and images in the sidebars. One of these is the button below that says that you’re a member of the Lightning Mercenary Guild. I made this button recently, so any LMG member that wants it, can put it up in their sidebar or any other place they want. I originally made 6 color variations of the button, that along with the code appear in the LMG page. If you’re a member of the LMG and want another color scheme, post in the LMG page saying which colors you want and I’ll send you the new code.
I am a member of the Lightning Mercenary Guild

Another feature I added was a chat box in the right sidebar. You can use this chat box to contact me for any problems or suggestions or just chat. Only you and me will see our conversations, so they are like private messaging. Try to use your nickname (or your first name if I know it) when chatting.

I also added an album reccomendation widget that links to my profile and a feed to my imeem playlists, so your music listening isn’t limited to what is In the Corner. In a few days, I’ll add a link to a game section of [Hybrid Mix] Forum. You have to be a member to be able to see the section and play (I can’t post them here because wordpress doesn’t allow html).


9 Responses to “3,000 Hits and New Features”

  1. I think this blog should stay the same. You’re absolutley correct, it really is something unique. And nice widgets! I like the one at the bottom left! It has Avenged Sevenfold’s first album! XD

  2. That one I got from Since I heard a lot of songs from A7X’s first album last week, it appears on my top album’s list. And I haven’t found another music and gaming blog (where the music is not just videogame music or the games are just about music) in the top 40 search pages (mine is usually second on the list, between videogame music blogs). But besides that, I want visitors to feel like they’re a part of this blog, and I want them to decide what they want me to do next.

    Also, congrats on winning the Mario Recoloring Contest.

  3. Thanks! ^_^ I missed the AX7 article! Noooo! Good Review! Their first two albums were scream-o, and then their most recent two (the two that immediately followed) were regular singing. It’s rumored that M Shadows blew his vocal box after Waking the Fallen.

  4. You didn’t miss it yet (it was still in the home page).

  5. Well, it was the third article down 😛

  6. Bromf said

    I think the blog should stay the same, no point tainting uniqness is there. You appeal to a wider audiance and thats what a blog should do.

  7. Yes, but I want my blog to be a site were others can enjoy their time and feel that their opinions and their tastes (in music and games) are respected. I made the Artist/Song of the Week so that you may reccomend music you’d like to be put up here. If you reccomend, I’ll give it a try, then I’ll make a review, and add the song and lyrics (and the video, if it has one).

  8. And thats what makes this site unique ^__^

  9. XtraGamer said

    Yeah I agree, this websites great the way it is!

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