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School’s Out!!

Posted by Mercenary Spark on May 20, 2008

Yes! Yes, finally after all this time and all those special projects and homework, and tests, my vacation has finally officially began. With my new free time, I finally made another game review since this blog started. I didn’t release it earlier not entirely because of my laziness, but also because of school. So finally, I published the article I promised, the game review for Summon Night: Twin Age (for the Nintendo DS).


4 Responses to “School’s Out!!”

  1. Can’t wait for my school to be done!! Enjoy the vacation!!!

  2. How much before your vacation begins?

  3. Lucky……your schools over but I still have a month and a little bit before summer vaction begins. But enjoy yours. 😛

  4. Yes, but my school year starts in August, not September. 😦

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