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100 Days!

Posted by Mercenary Spark on April 28, 2008

100 Days have passed since the creation of this blog (January 20), my most successful at the moment. And just when it seems this blog might not last until next year (for various situations), a last hope appears. Summer vacation is about to arrive soon in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning more free time for me and you, new posts and something new. Mercenarylight’s blog will have a new transformation from an ordinary music and portable gaming WordPress weblog into something else with hopefully a more cool and attractive theme to help the blog grow, some more media added and some surprises. This blog has already exceeded my expectations with over 1,900 hits to this day (this does not include the views by the writers of this blog, the recurring visitors, if you’ve been wondering).

The stats of this blog in its first 100 days: 

Most Visited Page
Join the Lightning Mercenary Guild!, 242 views

Most Visited Post
Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS), 61 views

Most active post in the last week
Earth Day, 12 views

Most Commented Page
Join the Lightning Mercenary Guild!, 53 comments

Most Commented Post
Zelda, 30 comments

Best Day Ever:
63 views on Sunday, March 23, 2008

As a side note, the less commented posts (my music reviews and the ASHES dIVIDE video) are the most active posts.

Also be thankful for Summer Vacation, which will probably save this blog!


4 Responses to “100 Days!”

  1. DANG! only 100 days and 2000 views!

    Who do I have to kill for that? 😉

  2. I’m still 😯 that I’m at almost 2000 hits in 15 weeks. I imagine I could have gotten some more if I had more free time (piles of special projects) and wasn’t working hard on the forum.

    I’ve been thinking of making this blog, part personal blog and part [Hybrid Mix] news, maintaining the music and games part.

  3. volthe said

    Since in the Forum we have to post under certain themes, in here you can put an article and then we’ll be able to post without problems, like the Earth’s day post, even if it has nothing to do with games and music.

  4. The forum has the Random Domain and Shoutbox to go off topic. And I think I can finally write an article this weekend when class ends. I haven’t been able to (for reasons already mentioned) post as much as I want to, but I don’t like to fill a blog with unnecessary polls and mini-posts that say nothing interesting.

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