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Earth Day

Posted by Mercenary Spark on April 22, 2008

 Planet Earth

       Today’s Earth Day. Today should be a day to raise awareness on the importance of preserving the only planet in the solar system able to sustain life, Earth. I know this is a music/portable gaming blog, but everyone should start doing something to help this planet, because it’s our only home, and if we let it get destroyed, you know what will happen to us. So to join in on the conservation activities, I will list some things you can do to help the environment.

Recycle, reuse and reduce: I know you all know these ones, but we forget them a lot, especially the last ones. We not only need to recycle all materials that can be recycled(remember to separate them), but we need to start reusing and reducing too. We can reuse non-expiring things like plastics, cardboard, textiles, paper and other materials to do crafts, reuse non-disposable bottles and containers to hold our foods and drinks, refilling our ink cartridges instead of buying new ones, repairing when possible, donating, etc. We can also reduce excess gas emissions by turning the lights off when we’re not in a room(you should already know this one) and changing them to compact fluorescent light bulbs, turning off electronics when we’re not using them (some people leave their games on pause or computers on when they’re not using them for hours), reducing the waste we produce by reusing or buying products with less packaging and longer life, seeking products and packaging that are as free of toxics, and many more things.

Other things you can do:
-Buy and use more natural/organic products.
-Start a vegetarian diet (don’t be 😯 , you can at least do like me and start a semi-vegetarian diet (no red meat) 😯 ,ok just ignore it if You can’t stop eating burgers and ribs). PETA can help you understand the reasons why more people should be veggies (or semi-veggies).
-Don’t litter and help pick up the trash in the ground, maybe participating in a trash recollection program or activity.
-Get some excercise/relaxation time, as to reduce time on gaming and computers.
-Walk or ride a bike more than usual, especially if for short distances. (This will help both you and the environment)
-If you have a car, buy bioetanol and other alternative fuels; if you don’t have one yet, consider getting a hybrid car.
-Put a birdfeeder in the backyard, if you don’t already have one.
-Avoid using motor boats, especially near areas where turtles and other creatures lay their eggs or mate. Also avoid using bright lights near beaches. Light contamination is a form of pollution.

I hope this small article gave you some ideas on small steps you can take to help the world and that it inspired you to do something. I started with a small step today (I turned on my pc and air conditioner 3 hours later than usual, and I now have some compact fluorescent light bulbs in my fan).

 By Mercenary of Light


7 Responses to “Earth Day”

  1. volthe said

    Great article, Merc!!!!! We should really start to worry about the mistakes we’re making that will cause our planet’s life to cease. WE shouldn’t be so selfish and start thinking about others while there’s time, as this will help us!

  2. Naw, I live how I wish to live. Besides, I’m not going to diet and all that stuff. I personally think its a waste of time since I am as skinny as can be.

  3. Oh, by the way, I’ve been really busy with school lately and my own blog. And other sites of course and I don’t have time to write here. Could I resign?

  4. You can if you want. And you could ignore the veggie diet, but you should consider doing something for the planet. Unless you have enough money to sustain yourself when all the prices rise even more, you don’t mind intene heat and cold, you don’t care if the next generation (our children) doen’t have a safe, healthy and productive world, and you ignore the bad conditions other people in this world live in, then you should consider starting to care and do something. This world of ours is in bad shape (literally too), even without global warning added into the equation, and will only get worse, unless we try to stop it now.

  5. We are mere pawns at the hands of fate. And no I’m not just being politic I mean, we are powerless to stop the fate that has readied itself to come. And I alone cannot resign Myself as an author.

  6. Well, you’re out of the writers guild of Mercenarylight’s Blog, but you could always come back if you want. And I don’t think we’re all pawns, nor is that directly related to politics.

    I know the path towards our Fate can not be avoided, but I believe you can also prolong or shorten it, as well as change what happens in the way. And even though this planet will get destroyed one day (the sun is dying if you didn’t already know, and one day, thousands of years from now, it will explode and burn the Earth), we can still avoid and reduce the damage that it reflects upon us. We can still avoid what can become irreversible damage.

  7. volthe said

    Although we’re mere pawns, a lot of pawns can change things.

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