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Happy Birthday SL!

Posted by Mercenary Spark on April 8, 2008

Today is the 12th birthday of one of this blog’s writers, Shadow Luigi. Me and all of the other members of Mercenarylight’s Blog wish you a Happy Birthday. I’ve added your 2 favorite songs to In The Corner, so enjoy the rest of this day.


11 Responses to “Happy Birthday SL!”

  1. Thank you very much.. But I just… Don’t feel like Myself today.

  2. It’s ok. Hope you get well soon.

  3. Thanks for that. UGH! Theres no way to get rid of this!! AHHHH!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Shadow Luigi!

  5. Thanks DST. 😀 I feel much better now.. I wonder what it was yesterday…

  6. =D=D HBD!!

  7. Yeah but its not anymore.

  8. Happy Birthday. Sorry that’s it’s late, but I’m sure it will work just the same. Happy Birthday.

  9. Gracias (edited)

  10. Shinigami Ninja said

    Gracias, maybe?

    Anyway, happy B-Day a million years late, i haven’t been here since I signed up.

  11. Yes correct.

    And thank you, it really doesn’t matter though.

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