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Monthly Album Review: March

Posted by Mercenary Spark on April 2, 2008

        Ok, I know I’ve been postponing my music reviews for the last three weeks, but a lot of my time’s been spent on tons of homework, forums and blog visiting. So I decide to compile all of the reviews I’ve began to make and didn’t publish. I wanted to get some of the songs of the reviewed albums here, but I’ve been having some problems with the account (which also affected previewing most new albums).

March 9 – 15: Abandoned To You by Re:Zound
  There were many good albums released this week but I chose Re:Zound’s third album, because it caught my attention. It’s essentially very soft rock with gospel and some electronic sounds mixed in. It was good, with the last track, Salvation, standing out for being a sermon with some techno sounds in it. After hearing their earlier albums and comparing them with this one, I once again ask myself the question: “Why are Christian rock bands becoming even more softer rock with each album?” I think it’s that once they get noticed, they want to become more mainstream. Regardless their messages still prevail, and this album is worth noting for the effort and accomplishing their objective.

Abandoned to You
Day That Never Ends
How Amazing Are You
I Can’t Still Hear Them
Belong To You
I Will Bow Down
35 Weeks
Never Change
Just One Word

Week March 16 – 22: Pretty. Odd. by Panic! at the Disco 
  This week I couldn’t preview most of the albums like I usually do, so I’ll review one of the albums I got to listen completely. And it was Pretty. Odd. by Panic! at the Disco. I know that my friend Ashly loved the album (but I think she just likes it for the artists), so I decided to preview the album before I decided what to do with it. I always thought the band was some sort of dance pop, but it had punk elements. It was, because this album is more of a soft pop album by punks. I personally didn’t like it, but you might if you like bands like Maroon 5. Pas de Cheval, Mad As Rabbits and Behind the Sea stand out, for having unique sound and lyrics, the third one sounding like a song from an 80’s band I can’t remember. You may get their single Nine In The Afternoon through the In The Corner section.

We’re So Starving
Nine In The Afternoon
She’s A Handsome Woman
Do You Know What I’m Seeing
That Green Gentlemen
I Have Friends In Holy Spaces
Northern Downpour
When The Day Met The Night
Pas de Cheval
The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know
Behind The Sea
Folkin’ Around
She Had The World
From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins
Mad As Rabbits

Other albums released last month:
Week March 23 – 29
Antidotes by Foals
La Melodía de La Calle by Tony Dize
Diamond Hoo Ha by Supergrass
Dismember by Dismember
Inflikted by Cavalera Conspiracy
Reason to Believe by Pennywise (Explicit)
Consolers of the Lonely by The Raconteurs
Spring by Jon Foreman
Ode to the Ghetto by Guilty Simpson (Explicit)
Revolution Roulette by Poets of the Fall
Accelerate by R.E.M.
Nordlys by Midnattsol
Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings by Counting Crows
The Premonition by Firewind
You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into by Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Day26 by Day26
Funplex by The B-52’s

Week March 16 – 22
11 by Bryan Adams
Brain Thrust Mastery by We Are Scientists
Keep It Simple by Van Morrison
A Band in Hope by The Matches
Bury Your Dead by Bury Your Dead
Goodbye Blues by The Hush Sound
Illuminate by Lydia
Light from Above Black Tide (Explicit)
Mail on Sunday by Flo Rida (Explicit)
Addison Road by Addison Road
The Odd Couple by Gnarls Barkley
Self-Made by Rocko (Explicit)
Kimono Dragon by AM Interestate
Trouble in Dreams by Destroyer
Volume One by She and Him
Korven Kuningas by Korpiklaani
Welcome to the Dollhouse by Danity Kane
Good Bye Blues by The Hush Sound
Asa Breed Black Edition by Matthew Dear
Love Out Loud by Jaci Velasquez
Texas by PlayRadioPlay!
The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight by The Black Mages

Week March 9 – 15
Alopecia by Why?
On The Brink Of It All by Ever Stays Red
Showtime by Angel y Khriz
Old Home Movies by The Botticellis
Eggo Trippin’ by Snoop Dog (Explicit)
Elements of Life: Remixed by Tiesto
Eleventh Hour by Del tha Funkee Homosapien
Enigma by Ill Nino
Invain by C:Real
Return of the Pride by White Lion
The Elephant in the Room Fat Joe (Explicit)
The Ultimate Collection by The O.C. Supertones
These Are the Good Times People by The Presidents of the United States of America
Trilla by Rick Ross (Explicit)
Now That’s What I Call Music! 27 by Various Artists
Saving Abel by Saving Abel


2 Responses to “Monthly Album Review: March”

  1. Ausmond Neegor said

    Re:Zound’s Abandoned to You is a spectacular album. It’s a must have for all believers in Christ and our Lord. The melodies and lyrics that intertwine together to make incredibly inspirational music is worthy of a place in everyone’s CD player or Ipod.

  2. I agree with you on that. I got a great part of the album through Rhapsody (should have bought the entire album).

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