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100 Days!

Posted by Mercenary Spark on April 28, 2008

100 Days have passed since the creation of this blog (January 20), my most successful at the moment. And just when it seems this blog might not last until next year (for various situations), a last hope appears. Summer vacation is about to arrive soon in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning more free time for me and you, new posts and something new. Mercenarylight’s blog will have a new transformation from an ordinary music and portable gaming WordPress weblog into something else with hopefully a more cool and attractive theme to help the blog grow, some more media added and some surprises. This blog has already exceeded my expectations with over 1,900 hits to this day (this does not include the views by the writers of this blog, the recurring visitors, if you’ve been wondering).

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Earth Day

Posted by Mercenary Spark on April 22, 2008

 Planet Earth

       Today’s Earth Day. Today should be a day to raise awareness on the importance of preserving the only planet in the solar system able to sustain life, Earth. I know this is a music/portable gaming blog, but everyone should start doing something to help this planet, because it’s our only home, and if we let it get destroyed, you know what will happen to us. So to join in on the conservation activities, I will list some things you can do to help the environment.
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Happy Birthday SL!

Posted by Mercenary Spark on April 8, 2008

Today is the 12th birthday of one of this blog’s writers, Shadow Luigi. Me and all of the other members of Mercenarylight’s Blog wish you a Happy Birthday. I’ve added your 2 favorite songs to In The Corner, so enjoy the rest of this day.

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Video of the Month: The Stone by ASHES dIVIDE

Posted by Mercenary Spark on April 5, 2008

Mercenarylight’s Blog has reached the 1,500 hit mark in less than 15 weeks, and what better what to celebrate than with a video, a video of a song I found yesterday that I really liked. It’s a weird video, but the song is great. The Stone is the first single of ASHES dIVIDE’s first album Keep Telling Myself It’s Alright. The band was formed by Billy Howerdel, the guitarist of A Perfect Circle. Hope you enjoy the song. If you like the song, wait until Tuesday when I’ll make a review on the band’s album and I’ll put the song In The Corner.

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Monthly Album Review: March

Posted by Mercenary Spark on April 2, 2008

        Ok, I know I’ve been postponing my music reviews for the last three weeks, but a lot of my time’s been spent on tons of homework, forums and blog visiting. So I decide to compile all of the reviews I’ve began to make and didn’t publish. I wanted to get some of the songs of the reviewed albums here, but I’ve been having some problems with the account (which also affected previewing most new albums).

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