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Music/Games Hybrid Mix

Posted by Mercenary Spark on March 25, 2008

Today, March 25, this blog’s forum Music/Games Hybrid Mix is now open for anyone who wishes to register. Although it is based on music and games, you may write about almost anything in it’s over 40 subforums(as long as you follow the rules). The link is in the affiliates. So register now and start posting.


-The theme is called Deep Blue. I made it myself, through experiments with a color palette.
-It has a rank system based on famous video game characters. The rank system is fun and you’ll never know what to expect next.
-It has various sections, so you have the freedom to talk about almost anything (no indecent or offensive material allowed). (Gore is allowed to be slightly talked about in the Teen Section.)
-You may put up your art, graphic designs, stories and poems in the Creative Corner for others to see.
-There’s a personal messaging (pm) system, you could use to contact other members.
-It has a calendar where you can put up any events you’d like others to know or just so you could remember.
-There are music stations based on the favorite artists of some of the members.
-There will be cool and fun activities and contests coming soon.


2 Responses to “Music/Games Hybrid Mix”

  1. dragoncrash said

    Thanks for the inf. 😛

  2. You’re welcome.

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