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~Mario’s Mix~

Posted by mario64mario on March 17, 2008

These articles, labeled with the “~Mario’s Mix~” title will be song reviews. They will be judged on a series of 3 aspects. Vocals, Instrumentals, and Rhythm. Each will be out of 10, zero being low, 10 being high, leading to a perfect total of 30 points. 

After the 30 points, there will be a rating for swearing, having nothing to do with the songs points. It will be out of 5, zero being no swearing, 5 being f-bombs +.

Also, there will be an ‘Attitude’ rating, which will also have nothing to do with points. Thnis is because an awesome acoustic song could have zero attitude, and an awesome alternative song could have an attitude of 5. This is purely to inform the listener of the attitude of the song.

Look out for these articles premiering in the coming weeks.



18 Responses to “~Mario’s Mix~”

  1. (Can’t download music…)

  2. Well you can at least listen to them here In the Corner. I don’t put any bad songs with swearing or suggestive content there. If you want to hear a clean song, tell me and I’ll add it.

  3. No its the fact that my CPU gets all wacky when we try to download music.

  4. Can you at least listen to it, without it “wacking” out.

  5. No, but i wish i could.

  6. ……’s just streaming though. Like videos on Youtube or AOL Video do.

  7. Unfortunately, Shadow Luigi has always had this problem because of restrictions. I had to get special permission to send my videos to Shadow Luigi.

  8. ….maybe he’s doesn’t have admin properties on the CPU…..

  9. dragoncrash said

    ya lets go with that

  10. Thats the jest of it.

  11. I have tons of songs i want you to put up.. Whats your e-mail MoL?

  12. NO! Don’t do it yet!!! Mercenary of Light!! Before you post the e-mail address, would you consider creating an e-mail account specially for the site? Not only does it look proffessional, but it also keeps those danged phishing scams out of your personal e-mail account. 🙂

    [Mercenarylight: Don’t worry about that Mario, I sent him an email personally and haven’t posted my email anywhere around here. That’s why I say I contact you, when you want to be an author or want something]

  13. Ah. Good idea. But will you look into making an e-mail address for the site still?

  14. Ok. I think I’ll make one soon. And did you read my pm?

  15. Indeed I did. Thank you for my inclusion in this project. 🙂

  16. But its no use at all! Just delete the spam! Honestly why make a new e-mail?

  17. Well when you look at it, that e-mail I use for my blogs, accounts and emailing you, was made just so I could start a blogger account. I actually have 2 current emails, plus 2 more I forgot the passwords of. I think, I’ll stay with it at the meantime.

  18. SL, do you ever get those annoying phishing scams? THe stupid Lottery ones?!?!? I DON’T LIVE IN THE U.K.!!! >.<”

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