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Weekly Album Review: Unbreakable by Fireflight

Posted by Mercenary Spark on March 5, 2008

       This is the first album review I’ll make for this blog. It’s been delayed by a day because of homework and problems with my Internet connection. Instead of posting an unfinished review by Tuesday, I’ve decided to publish it today…

          I wanted the first official album review to be of a great new album by a creative band whose lyrics are clean, good and inspiring. And it seems, Christian Alternative/Rock band Fireflight’s new album is just what I wanted. Unbreakable was released yesterday, but Internet problems didn’t allow me to preview it on time (as well as other albums released this and last week). The album starts with the title, which sounds like a rock anthem with a great message of perseverance. Dawn Richardson, the female lead singer of the band, gives a great, powerful and emotional performance that even surpasses Evanescence’s Amy Lee’s in my opinion. You Gave Me A Promise is another great song, about holding on to hope in difficult situations. The rest of the album has more songs about going through hard moments and finding out someone’s always there to help you. Other great tracks are the highly rockin’ The Hunger, the reassuring Stand Up, The Love We Had Before (about relationship problems) and So Help Me God, that asks what the name suggests. This album is one of those albums that you wouldn’t mind listening to repeatedly, because it’s overall good. It’s really a surprisingly fresh and creative new album by a band that knows how to use great vocals and lyrics to rock out loud and get their messages to be listened. The title track is In the Corner, if you’d like to preview it.

You Gave Me A Promise
Brand New Day
The Hunger
Stand Up
Go Ahead
The Love We Had Before
So Help Me God
Wrapped In Your Arms

Other albums released this week:
Real Emotional Track by Stephen Malkus
Perfect Day by Cascada
The Elephant in the Room by Fat Joe (Explicit)
Soul Speak by Michael McDonald
Warpaint by The Black Crowes
Planet Kumbia by A.B. Quintanilla
Honeydew by Shawn Mullins
Good Time by Alan Jackson


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