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Special Wii Article: Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

Posted by Elven Warrior on March 1, 2008

Hello Shadow Luigi once again writing a special article about Super Smash Bros. Brawl! (Spoilers at the end)

There are so many things to go though… where to begin… Ah.. how about the Stages.
stage01_070522a.jpg stage02_070601a.jpg
Stages like “Battle Field” and “Delfino Plaza” are very well thought out Stages.. there are many more and i mean.. Many more! plus the Stages are alot different then the ones in Melee. some rotate, some have zero gravity, some tip upside down.. etc? it looks really fun indeed.

Now.. lets talk about Characters. 🙂

Heres a picture of Samus zaping Fox with her laser whip!

And heres Link useing the Gale Boomarang on Mario. and another thing about the Characters, is Look at Link for examble. hes the Link from “Twilight Princess.” and as you can see Mario is the one from “Super Mario Galaxy”! And boy look at those graphics! 😛 don’t they just fill the void? heh… Oh… and from this point on there will be “SOME” spoilers so if you do not want to know then stop reading. okay??

Now.. lets talk about Secret Characters..
Yes Marth was in the other game “Super Smash Bros. Melee” and he came back because Nintendo made a Re-make of the game that he was in, and currently making it for Nintendo DS. So you can look forward to some of his moves!
Ah! Lucario from the pokemon games “Diamond & Pearl” came to share his aura with the brawl! his attacks look really interesting and well thought out.. i honestly am speechless.. but thats not going to stop me from finishing the article. 😀
Many Secret Characters look really hard to unlock but ought to be well worth it. wouldn’t you say?

and there are also such things as “Secret Stages” but i do not want to spoil anything for you besides the stuff i already posted… the sad thing is i know who all the Characters are and unlockable ones too! anyways back to the article.

lets now for the last thing in this article, talk about Final Smashs!

There are items in the game called… “Smash Balls” and whom ever the person may be if the smack and slash the Smash ball in mid-air.. you will become ready to peform the Final Smash.
But as you see the fighting gets rough when everybody wants it. and very violent. then again SSBB is basicly a.. fighting game. anyways, when you have the Smash Ball’s power. you may releese it whenever you want. but sadly.. if someone hits you hard enough… the Smash ball flys out of you and they get it… of course it you unleash it when the time is right the whole battle field could tip into your grasp.Well i hope you all enjoyed this and are will to buy it… i already have it pre-ordered and am dieing to get it…

~Shadow Luigi


9 Responses to “Special Wii Article: Super Smash Bros. Brawl!”

  1. Great article and photos, SL. When I first saw the last photo I thought it was the symbol of the F4, until I read that article by Nintendo. I added the Fire Emblem theme used in SSBM and SSBB (it has 2 other versions here, I’ll add them later) on In the Corner for others to listen and preview. Can you make a second part about some more areas. I like Fox’s ship, that big city and that space and time changing platform.

  2. I’ll write it the day before it comes out. it will be MORE INTENSE that way. 😛

  3. Ok ,but try to put 4 pictures or less, cause they take up a lot of space in wordpress and I only have a 1 GB limit. That Marth pic is over 66 KB. And I found out Luigi’s Mansion appears too (I can’t wait for that, I played it once and it was fun). And you haven’t told me which song you want to be featured for Creed’s Artist/Song of the Week.

  4. HOW DID YOU PLAY IT ONCE?!? are you talking about Melee? and about the creed song.. hmm… Probably the song “Higher” from the CD “Human Clay” 🙂 .

  5. that mario and gale boomerand pic was worth the dl space!

  6. I meant I played Luigi’s Mansion once. And the pics are great, its just I want to save some space for the future.

  7. 1.) Eg Luigi’s mansion gives me the creeps..
    2.) Well okay then but i can’t write articles anymore then.. half the fun in Super Smash bros. are pictures.. i’m sorry but if i have to limit my options then sorry no deal.

  8. Ok, then you can put all the pics you want, just don’t exagerate. You made a great article with 7, then you can make another great one with 8 or less. and I thought you’d have liked Luigi’s Mansion, it’s not like if it was a Silent Hill or something.

  9. I did but… (this may sound embarrassing but….) That game scares me… and i couldn’t get the sleep that night i played it… >_<‘ Ohh……

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