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Weekly Album Review: New Albums

Posted by Mercenary Spark on February 26, 2008

       I know this was supposed to be the first Weekly Album Review, but none of the albums interested me to write my review. So my first official album review will be for next week. But I made a brief review at the moment…

       I’m not a big punk or metal fan, but if something catches my ear’s attention I would try to find out more about the band and look for other songs. What catched my attention this week was The Used’s new b-sides compilation ep Shallow Believer. It wasn’t the lyrics (which are violent and dark in a very bad and wrong way) that catched my attention, but the sound and energy of the album. But with songs like Slit Your Own Throat and Choke Me, I think you could be best left without me reviewing them. If you are a The Used fan or just listen to songs for the sound, try it out. You might want to try the band’s earlier albums if you are a pop punk, screamo or alternative raock fan, but the rest of you should just focus on other albums released this week.

Warning: This Ep is explicit and not suitable for children because of adult language, suggestive material and other content that might be (and is) bad influence.

Other albums released this week:
Long Drives to Nowhere in Particular by A Destination
The Prodigal Comes Home by Michael English
Seventh Tree by Goldfrapp
Another Country by Tift Merritt
Savage life 2 by Webbie (Explicit)
Discipline by Janet Jackson
Broken In by Trent Willmon
Backwoods Barbie by Dolly Parton
De Kalifornia Te Escribo by Kabildo
Love by Inhabited
I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling by Kelley Polar

        I also want to mention that 3 Doors Down released last week It’s Not My Time, the first single of their fourth self-titled album released later this year. It rocks just like the band used to sound before 2002. It’s currently #14 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. I have placed it In the Corner for you (regardless of being an alternative rock fan or not) to try it out (you may download if you want).


2 Responses to “Weekly Album Review: New Albums”

  1. I didn’t see anything not suitable.. whats the deal?

  2. It’s not that they are unsuitable, but at the moment I wrote it, I only found a few albums released this week and added the others after making the almost review of The Used. Dolly Parton, Usher and Janet Jackson are more of the same (Usher did make his songs more dance/hall, but they are singles) Seventh Tree by Goldfrapp sounds ok, but its too flowery and low voice in this album, unlike their old disco and electronic style. Now, Tift Merrit is a great country singer and her album represents her style with passion and the grace of her smiling face, but I added her after. I was planning to add Radiohead’s or Trent’s on Tuesday, but I just listened to their albums right now (Trent’s rocks as much as country allows it, the first 5 songs are the best, especially Broken In and The Way I Remember It). I’ll do one of theirs next week.

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