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More Music and New Album Reviews

Posted by Mercenary Spark on February 25, 2008

Tomorrow I will start focusing on the music part of this blog. I will start my weekly album reviews on new releases, add more music to the In the Corner section and more. I will also add some special features (if wordpress cooperates with me and allows it). I will create a page where members and recurring visitors could write their personal profiles with their favorite genres, artist, songs, games and other interests. I was planning to make an Artist/Song of the Week section, where you could choose which will be this week’s (or next week’s) featured artist and song, but it might end up being my choice if nobody votes, so I would have to choose alphabetically or randomly (somehow). If you have some suggestions, complaints or just something you want added to the music part of this blog, please comment below.


11 Responses to “More Music and New Album Reviews”

  1. Oh, oh! I want to write album reviews too!!! Can we review albums with swearing? (Im thinking of like, a warning or something on the review.) I listen to a lot of music, and the albums are great, but some of the songs have swearing in it, and that semi-ruins the review………

  2. You may review songs and albums with swearing (I will too, as long as the review says it has explicit lyrics and doesn’t mention them), but your reviews will be separate from my weekly ones. Maybe you can start your personal column with any name you want to give it and about any music, including old ones you’d like to write about.

  3. Hmmm… i see you changed your theme. looks good! and i have my button back! something must have happened before.. you said WordPress was having problems.

  4. I think that line was always there, we just notice now because of the white background. The theme is not what I planned for, but I couldn’t get the other theme (much cooler) to work for me.

  5. So can i suggest anything Music wise?

  6. Yes, you can.

  7. How about Creed? there are tons of songs i would like to review.

  8. You may talk about Creed or any other band in your personal music column and give it a name, something original like the Shadow of the Disc (I was listening to LP).

  9. What about the songs? i mean can i post the words on here? hes a great music artist.

  10. I don’t understand what you mean by “What about the songs? i mean can i post the words on here?” If you want next week’s artist/song, just tell me which song so I can add it to In the Corner if possible. If you want the review on the band to be made by you, send it to me through email before Monday. If you want to review the album post it under your album review column.

  11. Okay i’ll just e-mail you the song then… errr…. whats your e-mail address?

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