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Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl

Posted by Elven Warrior on February 19, 2008

Hello this is Shadow Luigi and for the first time i will write an article on this blog. 🙂

Now where should i begin. Well in the beginning of the game you and your friend go searching for a rare exotic Pokemon, and you come in and its none other than Dawn and Professor Rowen. They were researching about the Pokemon as well. You bump into them and they leave the area because it was found out it was only a rumor… But they were in such a rush they forgot thier case. then you and your friend go and look at the case, while your friend sits reckless wild pokemon emerge from both sides. and the battle begins. You look in the case and there are three pokemon. Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup. You choose which one (I chose Turtwig) and then you fight the wild Starly. and after battling it, your friend say’s how much better his pokemon was. and then both got angry on which one was the best.. they were going to fight.. but then… they stoped and had something else on thier minds.. they wondered home tired and ready for a new day. then you and your friend run into Professor Rowen and Dawn again.. (uh-oh) you might think sense you used their pokemon.. then he tells you to visit his office. So you go to the town and before you can enter his house your friend runs into you and gives you a (THUD!!!!) him rushing away with his pokemon then you enter and the professor was very interested in this young trainer.. he asks him.. “Hmm.. your pokemon seems quite fond of you, ahem.. sense that pokemon is willing to go you may keep him! and I have a job for you to do, Will you take this and use it to understand all pokemon.. I call it the Pokedex!” and so you take it and battle many Gym leaders to collect badges. seeing new pokemon, seeing new places, new things. Ah pokemon is a truely great game. I also have to go off because my dad wants to go on….

~Shadow Luigi


15 Responses to “Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl”

  1. Great article, SL. I added some tags and fixed a few things. Keep up the good work here and in your blog. If you write an article here about a Pokémon game for DS or PSP(are there any for that system?) you may transfer it to your blog and viceversa.

    For your next article, try to find info on FFCC: Ring of Fates (released in march I think) or any other game series you like that releases(d) a game this year. Take your time and write whenever you feel like it. A second part of this article would be great too.

  2. Thanks… and no pokemon game is for PSP. and by the way. i’ll be posting my article on Pokemon Gamers Blog. 😀

  3. ariel said

    holaaaaaaaaaa soy ariel me en canta pokemon

    [Edit: For those of you who don’t know Spanish, it says: Hi, I’m Ariel, I love Pokémon]

  4. Welcome to Merc Light’s Blog. I don’t know why, but I think your name sounds familiar.

  5. Hello. 😀

  6. Excellent article SL! *Note: I call next article ^.^*

  7. Does that mean you want to be a co-author?

  8. Thanks. and yeah go ahead Mario you may. 😀

  9. Ok, Mario you are now another author of Merc Light’s Blog. Oh, and could you fix the link to this blog in your site (eliminate the files part, because then it won’t link).

  10. Cool now he can help out. :0

  11. yea, i fixed it last night. Sorry about that.

  12. pokeking said

    Hola, I love that top notch work to all of the authors.

    This is Pokeking signing off

  13. Hey!! if you like pokemon why not visit my blog? click my name and you’ll see everything. 😀

  14. Welcome aboard, Pokeking.

  15. Hiya! Lemme write my articulate now.

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