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Game Preview – Patapon for PSP

Posted by Mercenary Spark on February 10, 2008

       Commanding an army of eyeballs with limbs through the beats of a drum in a colorful 2-D environment. Original? Yes. But is it entertaining, replayable and satisfying? You will be surprised to know that besides the childlish look, this is one of the most fun, challenging and exciting games out there. Although most compare it to Loco Roco because of the art, this game is not as cute or monotonous (Loco Roco gets a little boring as you progress).  Patapon is like a real-time strategy/war game with elements of rhythm and action games (reminds me of Donkey Konga) included, but it actually has no comparison to any other game ever made before.  What makes Patapon unique is the way it combines elements from previous succesful video games to provide the player everything he/she wants in a great game. At a cheap regular price of $19.99, this game provides the player with a simple yet well developed story, exciting and strategic gameplay that makes good use of the PSP controls, fun and dramatic music/sound, colorful game art and really fun mini-games.

       The game starts with the arrival of you to the Patapon tribe. Without the Almighty to lead them, they have been mocked and their lands have been taken by their enemies (the evil Zigoton army).  They have been waiting for the return of the Almighty to lead them to victory, and now you, who they consider a deity, come in to lead them by using your PSP buttons as drum beats to issue them commands.  The square button is Pata, the circle button is Pon, the triangle button is Chaka and the X button is Don. Using them in combos allows them to do different actions, like Pata Pata Pata Pon for moving, Chaka Chaka Pata Pon for attacking and Pata Pata Pon Pata for moving and attacking at the same time.  After nine straight combos you get a Fever! where the Patapon get stronger and more agile. There is strategy behind it, since you select the units you take to battle (3 types per battle), the weapons and armor they use and you’ll be able to obtain your resources and revive the fallen between missions.  The game has a simple tutorial to get you started.  The various mini games and changes in previously completed missions make this game re-playable and entertaining for a long time.  The game will be released in February 26. 

Rating: 9/10.  It’s a great and fun game that everyone with a PSP should consider getting.

Patapon Collage

~Mercenary of Light


22 Responses to “Game Preview – Patapon for PSP”

  1. Looks fun!

  2. raptorxd said

    Looks cool.

    Too bad I don’t own a PSP….

    Combos for moving or attacking… unique.

    -Raptor, out.

  3. Sorry ML if this is spaming,… but could i Affilate with you?? you don’t have a button but i could use your blog as a link on my blog. 🙂

  4. Yes, you can. I’ll develop a button later so you could add it to your blog. I’ll send it through email along with your sprite probably.

  5. Thanks.. and do you know my e-mail address?

  6. Yes, I do.

  7. Thats good. 🙂 by the way.. its a Saturday i have lots of shows on tonight.

  8. Sorry for spaming this may make your blog look bad but… Merc light, could i make you a button so you don’t stick out so much on my blog? your a link with a bunch of other links but the other links have buttons. sorry for spaming once again.

  9. You may double post when necessary, SL. I’m developing some buttons at the moment, so I’ll send them to you soon.

  10. Alright. time will tell.

  11. Since we’re on the Affiliation topic ( 😉 ), I’d also like to Affiliate with your site, MercenaryLight. My site can be found by clicking my username. (I hope it hyperlinks when I post this.)

  12. You can. I was just editing the Rules for this Blog and Affiliation when you commented. I have already visited your site and it’s really good.

    I am looking for co-writers to help me keep this blog updated, so maybe you’d like to be a co-author (you only have to write 2 or 3 articles per month about any new hand-held game you like). You can find the buttons and rules there.

  13. Hey make me a co-author as well. i know everything about blogs.

  14. Ok, I added you as an author, with the task of writing game previews at the moment.

  15. Oh.. should i go write something now?!? i have an idea!

  16. okay. Thanks. I found the button as well. thanks for making it. If you need any help with WP, SL as well as myself have mastered it, so were here to help.

  17. SL, write whenever you want. I reccomend you write about games released this month you have played or games about to be released soon. I know it’s a portable gaming blog, so SSBB might not be good for it (a lot of other sites have more info by now), but you may write a review about New Super Mario Bros or a preview of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates or write about other games. If you have an idea, post it or email it to me.

  18. Okay.. so i can only write about flat games? DS, PSP, GBA, etc?

  19. Yeah. I made this with the idea of a portable gaming blog, since a general gaming blog would be too extensive and visitors would expect more articles from us, especially of new games in almost all systems.

  20. Well… i could still write about SSBB right? i mean not now.

  21. I could let you write it as a special wii article.

  22. Awesome! i’ll write it a week before it comes out. 🙂

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